Translation & Proofreading

Quantity: 2 500-3 000 words/day. Proofreading: 10 000-12 000 words/day

Support : Manual, booklet, notice, website, email, software, video, etc.

Specialities :

  • Technical field : mechanics, automotive, railway industry, aeronautics, steel industry, textile industry, electricity/electronics, high technology, telephony, etc.
  • IT: software and hardware
  • Agriculture: fertilisation, draining systems, tools, etc.
  • Cultural tourism and gastronomy
  • Marketing and Business documentation

Other fields : Medical equipment / Bio-genetics / Pharmaceutics / Art and architecture

Lexicology & Terminology

Experience in a bilingual dictionary (French-Spanish)

With all translation works, glossary provided in Trados Multiterm platform or Excel files

Consecutive interpretation

Business visit, negotiation and presentation (in France and abroad)

Touristic tours (the Loire Valley, the Anjou, La Rochelle, Paris, etc.) -> Please, book in advance for good preparation


  • English courses (Business English, Conversational English, Cambridge Advanced exam or help with the homework)
  • Spanish courses (Business Spanish, Conversation Spanish, help with homework)
  • French courses for foreigners (General or business classes from beginner to proficiency levels)

CAD & Webdesign

(close collaboration with web designers, 3D designers and IT specialists)

  • DTP in various format, such as QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, etc.
  • 3D animation on Blender (open-source), AutoCad and Catia V5
  • Website and corporate design